Saturday, January 7, 2012

ChadashAsur - not the most offensive blogger in town

Rav Malinowitz's infamous (and quite public) blogpost certainly has a good point about the press taking advantage of the Orot / Bet Shemesh situation for its own evil purposes. ChadashAsur ranted about the same thing right before the Chanuka demonstration.

There's a lot to be said about the rest of Rav Malinowitz's blogpost, but Rav Lipman has already made short work of it.

ChadashAsur, with all his cynicism and politically-incorrectness, still expects a minimum of propriety from those purporting to lead our communities and educate our children, at least slightly more than on this blog. And when a rabbi posts this kind writing style on a shul's website, and the laypeople don't show him the door and find someone more appropriate for the job, then it is usually time to find a new shul president.

Rav Malinowitz - if you want to take over Chadash Asur instead of your shteller - it's all yours, and apparently a lot closer to your true calling.

And we haven't forgotten part-one of your two-part Chodosh piece, in which you drew some twisted moral equivalence between the thugs at Orot ('protestors' as you prefer to call them) and the school itself, promising to explan further in part two. And then begging off part two because it was too close to Rosh Hashanah. Glad to see that the situation got bad enough for you to issue a statement nonetheless.

So much for you. At least we'll always have Steinzaltz.

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Ike Arumba said...

I tried to comment on the so-called rabbi's own blog post, but found I needed to log in as a member of his shul in order to so. As with the Agudah's appropriately mis-named "Dialogue" magazine, which only publishes letters to the editor that share the editors' viewpoints, Malinowitz is all for spouting drivel and not to keen on sharing the floor with those who might correct him. Let's hear it for the continuous wearing of blinders.

David Meir said...

Everyone knows the media pounces on these stories for ratings, and that it doesn't reflect on the decency of 99% of charedim.

But RM's acerbic and mocking demeanor, his lack of sensitivity to Orot and the families involved, and his obsession of washing his hands of the whole thing rather than take this as an opportunity for introspection, offering comfort, and thinking about solutions - deems him totally UNFIT to lead a Kehilla.

BTYA members, wouldn't you rather have at your helm a talmid chacham who's ALSO sensitive, diplomatic, graceful, and a rodef shalom? Revoke your memberships already for goodness sake!