Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yated Neeman: Lutheran Interlude

ChadashAsur is still trying to calm down after that post on the genesis of last week's mega-protest...

Some interesting items on the front page of Friday's Yated Neeman, that old watchdog of Litvish monolithism that still manages some international news. Have a look:

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 On top we have R' Elyashiv's condemnation of the competition - Mishpocho's new free weekly edition. Just imagine if Maariv could issue an issur against buying Yediot and Haaretz - Nimrodi wouldn't have had to go to all that trouble of getting a hit man to knock off the other editors (allegedy). If you were wondering, Mishpocho wrote a whole page about how they consult with מרנן ורבנן גדולי ישראל before writing anything - but neglected to mention any of these Geonim by name, for fear of harming their kids' shidduch score.

On the bottom we have a long kvetch about the blood libel against the Cursing Avrech of Jerusalem. Well, Yated uses the verb העיר, which is somewhere between "mentioned" and "corrected". Not worth much of ChadashAsur's time, since all the haredi papers carried that opinion piece on Friday in some form or another. Ho hum.

What did catch my eye was the red-on-black honorable mention given to Reform Rabbi (ראביי) Uri Regev, who is quoted as saying "Our Only Hope: The New Haredim Who Will Lead into a New Era".

Now, cautioning the flock that חדש אסור מן התורה is, er, nothing new around here. But the use of Regev, that present-day reincarnation of the arch-Hellenist Zeus-worshipping High Priest Menelaus, makes ChadashAsur pause and think. And what I think is that the Gaons of Yated must be getting paranoid about forward thinking and seditious trends among the readership. Otherwise, using the Reform Rabbi nuke would be a little disproportionate. Well I hope they have good reason to be afraid but I think it will take more than Ynet's efforts to sell more newspapers to introduce any widespread social changes in RBS Bet.

Oh, and Chodosh was interesting this week as well, but it was adequately covered by HGHR"N Slifkin over at Rationalist Judaism. That is, when he wasn't calling Eisav a vampire and wondering if Rochel Imenu was eaten by a werewolf.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't mention Saturday night's show in J-m, which was clearly penned by the same authors as the drivel in Yated and Chadosh, and based on the same premise that somehow these bozos who've deluded themselves into thinking they're religious are *entitled* to leech off the rest of us (not to mention ignore such basic concepts as derech eretz). At least American haredim work for a living - and as a result, they've apparently discovered something their Israeli counterparts haven't, namely birth control.