Monday, October 3, 2011

In a Pig's Eye

Mrs. ChadashAsur pointed out this gem from Mishpocho's holiday consumer magazine, "Fix" (פיקס). The loanword "פיקס" in colloquial Hebrew doesn't exactly mean "fix". And apparently Mishpocho's staff doesn't think that "ham" actually means a succulent morsel from the hind leg of that split-hoofed animal commonly known as a chazer.

No women's images grace this edition, but apparently swine are on a rather higher madreiguh:

Now here's another reason to include English in the charedi educational system.


Anonymous said...

Those editors can be such snouts! Looking at the rest of the list, I wonder what they were planning on bacon.

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ, don't these people read? Makes you wonder if you can really trust the so-called badatz hashgacha.