Tuesday, September 13, 2011

George Elliot Redux

ChadashAsur doesn't know much about the latest glossy advertising vehicle to hit our trashbins mailboxes en masse, named "BIZנס". CA also doesn't know much about the "editor", Ariel Topf, except that he educates his kids "to do what's right and not what's convenient and easy" (see "Letter from the Editor" in the Sept. 2011 issue).

Enter the Sept 2011 issue, which advertises "10 experts you can call for FREE NOW". On page 44 we get this list of local consultants in a variety of fields:

Go ahead and have a good look at these 10 reputable names -- and the 8 male faces that go along with them!  (If you live around here you will know most of these people, but since this isn't about them, ChadashAsur took the precaution of redacting the most obvious identifying details.)
Yup, as befits any print matter distributed in Bet Shemesh, we are treated to a graphically female-rein publication. In BIZנס of 2011 CE, women can be heard (for 15 whole minutes during which you can "ask any questions" as the ad tells us), but chas v'sholom not seen.

Ariel Topf - you want me call up a female lawyer or financial consultant, and possibly even meet with her in a professional setting (R"L!!), but you won't show her visage in your mag along with everyone else? Either you've had the pleasure of a visit by the local tznius squad kano'im taking a break from throwing eggs and water balloons at the 6 year-old harlots of Orot, or you've taken the convenient and easy way out, just like you teach your kinderlach not to do.

I'll take the English-language section of Chodosh (if its editor hasn't been fired yet) over BIZנס any day.


Rafi said...

The editor of Bizנס told a woman who complained that he does this in order not to upset his readership. Call or write to Bizנס and explain that this is davka what upsets you and that his publication goes directly to your trash until he mends his ways.

Sara said...

This ROCKED. I love the documentation discovery process you used in graf #1 to nail the owner to the wall in last graf. You should be a lawyer.

Shoshanna said...

Idea: instead of flaying him as has been done- myself included. Lets try and support him. He himself doesn't like the idea, so lets show him that we will support him if he changes policy by patronizing advertisers, advertising ourselves- what do you say?

Open Chareidi RBS resident said...

I wrote an email to him asking why he does this and received no response.

The Big Lebowski said...

Response is pretty simple: tell him you won't patronize his advertisers unless he starts running pictures of women.

Beit Shemesh Resident said...

What about the ad for snoods on page 47. Take a look closely...it's dolls, not even real women...and the faces are blurred out!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beit Shemesh resident,

Don't you know dolls are assur.

Don't you also smash off the noses of your kids dolls so it wont be mistaken with an idol?