Sunday, December 26, 2010

ha-Tov she-ba-Rof'im - Part III

Had to read this one twice.

When Meuhedet wanted more haredi patients they paid some former Shas MK a couple million shekels quietly, appointed him de jure manager of a clinic, and let nature take its course. As Chadash Asur reported, this story came up when Meuhedet got busted for general corruption.

Meuhedet's competitor Clalit has drawn the appropriate conclusion, and decided not to sneak around with their own haredi "askan". So, pictured above on a full page ad in last Shaboss' Chadash is  Mr. Yeshayahu Erenreich, former mayor of Immanuel, a noted restaurateur in Ramat Gan and current Bet Shemesh city councilman and chairman of the local waterworks. Now tack on another title - "Clalit customer service rep for the haredi community"!

Just imagine the contribution Yeshayahu might offer Clalit's patients, being apparently bereft of an MD, any experience in health management, not to mention being strapped for time shuttling between the Ramat Gan restaurant and his new Bet Shemesh digs. Now imagine what he might be getting from Clalit's annual budget - a budget which is funded by innocent hard-working bloggers.

One marketing tactic  did occur to me - until about 2 years ago, Clalit still had not computerized its files, and when the doc saw you, an actual paper file circa 1990 was pulled out. Yeshayahu might capitalize on the haredi fear of all telecommunications, and particularly computers, when making his pitch.

Or, he could just tell roshei yeshiva that if at least 50% of their balebatim don't switch over to Clalit this year, they can expect some municipal inspectors to come knocking.

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Melvyn said...

I'm sure it's all legitimate: he could use his restaurant to promote healthy eating; his job at the waterworks to improve the purity of the drinking water; and tie them al together with lifestyle advice to Clalit's charedi clientele.
The only remaining question is how "innocent" these bloggers are who are funding him :)