Monday, October 11, 2010

Cram 'em in

Chadash, Oct 8 2010

Warning: The charedi attitude to traffic safety might be a recurring rant on this blog. Hey, if you ever drive through Bet you will understand. Ever play Frogger?

Have a look at the picture on the upper left of the article. Looks like a Mitsubishi(?) five-seater sedan with the front bashed in. Now look at the caption: "six family members". Huh?

The article is rather clear that the six family members were all in this single vehicle, two parents and their four kids. Ever strap four kids into three seats? Maybe one or two are wearing proper seat belts. The rest aren't restrained or maybe sharing a seat belt. A fine opportunity to stress seat belts and maximum vehicle capacity.

Alas, no mention of such trifling matters. Instead, we are assured that after treating the passengers, the hatzolo volunteers "returned to Bet Shemesh upon the sounding of the siren heralding the beginning of Shabbat, and quickly attended to completing their preparations for Shabbat". True hashgacha pratis that the negligent parents didn't let any pikuach nefesh get in the way of licht bentching.

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